Telephone: 01274 680022


Your representatives...

Branch Chair: Clare Lord, 07905 167458,

Branch Secretary: Andy Tarpy, 07505 704353,

Branch Treasurer: Paul Gibbon, 07896 807748,

ADR: Simon Midgeley, 07871 927008,

H&S Rep: Peter Robinson, 07505 569455,

ULR: Andy Tarpy, 07505 704353,

Political Officer: Clare Lord, 07905 167458,

Equal Opportunities Officer: Junior Lawrence, 07816 143519,

BAME Officer: Junior Lawrence, 07816 143519,

Youth Officer: Andrew Sugden, 07545 767624,

Retired Members Officer: John Tracey, contact on branch address

Women's Officer: Vacant

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Bradford & District Amal Branch, 1 Pearl House, 5 Commondale Way, Bradford, BD4 6SF. Or Telephone: 01274 680022, or email the branch on

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